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Craftman/Creator since 2017


Baptiste, nice to meet you 😉

Epicurious in love with gastronomy, wine and the soil, I have been working hard to develop my small business Empreinte Viticole for over 4 years.

I hope that you will find your happiness in my original handcrafted creations on the themes of wine and the soil.

Personalized message corks and corkscrews make perfect gift ideas for all occasions that will delight wine and gastronomy enthusiasts, as well as lovers of authentic products that tell a story.


"What binds us

Empreinte Viticole is a story of meetings

First of all, it is the meeting of a passion for the wine world and a trip around the world full of inspirations and discoveries.

Then it is the meeting of craft men and women of this wine world who transmit with passion and authenticity their daily life.

It is this common passion that I wish to transmit in my turn in my handcrafted creations since 2017 by valuing the Wine Footprint :

Meeting of wood and Burgundy color ( natural wine color)



One of the roles of wine is to bring an emotion, a bonding during our meetings and it is for these strong reasons that I strive to highlight our soil and to keep the work of the vine in the wood: L'Empreinte Viticole.

I have the will to maintain a strong link between the actors of the French soil and the amateurs of their products through my French artisanal creations.

Enjoy your visit and discover the concept, the online store will allow you to acquire the handcrafted creations and I remain at your disposal via the contact form for any requests and offers on measures



To carry out my mission, I recycle barrels from winemakers all over France. Real oak clothes for the wines they improve, they let express all the nobility of the wood and the imprint of the soil by its natural color Burgundy ( wine color)

These creations make perfect gift ideas for all occasions that will delight wine lovers as well as those who love authentic products that tell a story.

To this day I sell the MALBEK Bimetallic blades corkscrew in its personalized oak case, the SYRA customised wooden-headed corks and Oli personalized spout cork for olive oil and the colored  Pop'Art Wine poster !


Empreinte Viticole live on france bleu vaucluse with Maxime Peyron - Le baladeur du matin

In the land of wine, Baptiste wishes to highlight the French local jobs such as winegrowers and coopers.

Malbek's bimetallic corkscrew corkscrew personalized by Empreinte Viticole in the specialized magazine - Terre de Vins

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